PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals

Round two scores
Rider/score – Bull/score
Valdiron Oliveira/90.75 – Speckled Ivory/44.50
Rubens Barbosa/90.75 – Cowboy Casanova/44.25
Sean Willingham/89.75 – Priceless/44.00
Aaron Roy/88.75 – Paycheck/43.508
Jock Connolly/88.25 – Jack Daniel’s After Party/43.50
Mike Lee/88.25 – Who Dat/43.50
Douglas Duncan/88.25 – Over the Edge/43.00
Chris Shivers/88.25 – Cooper Tires Wild & Out/43.75
Guilherme Marchi/88.00 – Toy Soldier/43.00
Robson Palermo/87.75 – Tuxedo/43.00
Caleb Sanderson/87.50 – Big Iron/42.75
Kody Lostroh/87.50 – Too Sexy/42.75
Pete Farley/87.25 – Cool Spot/42.75
Hector Cardona/87.00 – Louisiana Purchase/42.75
Dusty Ephrom/87.00 – Another Husker/42.25
Ben Jones/86.25 – Gypsy Boots/42.00
Fabiano Vieira/86.00 – The Situation/42.00
J. B. Mauney/86.00 – Chicken on a Chain/42.25
Justin Koon/85.00 – Deja Blue Emu/42.00
Brendon Clark/85.00 – Filmore Heat/41.50
Cord McCoy/84.25 – Willie Wilco/41.00
Silvano Alves/84.00 – Mr. Slim/41.75
Luke Snyder/81.75 – Chocolate Thunder/42.25
Stormy Wing/79.50 – Slim’s Ghost/42.75
Round 1 scores
Rider/score – Bull/score
Caleb Sanderson/88.50 – Vitalix White Velvet/43.75
Ryan Dirteater/88.25 – Bois d’arc/43.25
LJ Jenkins/87.50 – Bad Moon/43.00
J. B. Mauney/87.25 – Sic’ Em Sam/42.25
Guilherme Marchi/86.50 – Mud Wasp/42.25
Jock Connolly/86.50 – Damn Right/43.00
Harve Stewart/86.00 – Shaky Waters/42.75
Austin Meier/85.50 – Buzz Saw/41.50
Rubens Barbosa/85.25 – Jefferey Scott’s Titanium Tough’/42.50


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