How To Win A Costume Contest

Whether you blew your money on homecoming, or just procrastinate on purchasing a costume, there are many household items that can form the perfect homemade Halloween costume. Just in time for Monday night or to win a costume contest this weekend, these costumes won’t have people asking, “what are you?”:

Glow Stick Figure


This vivid costume idea will definitely have all eyes on you, simply due to the bright neon colors it uses. The trick is to wear as much black or dark clothing available, so that the glow sticks will stand out as much as possible. The next step is to gather enough glow to cover your body. (don’t lose the connectors!) Use pieces of duct tape to secure the glow sticks to key points of your body, such as elbows, knees, and your waist. This is the one costume you should wait until Monday afternoon to make, because the glow sticks only last 6-8 hours. Your costume would look pretty lame if it was put together the night before.

Lego Man


This costume would definitely take some craftsmanship, but the finished product is undeniably a great costume. Basically, all you need is a large cardboard box, a small yellow bucket that can fit over your head, and either markers or paint. The bucket should have eye holes and a simple black smile. Next, decorate the cardboard box to look like an outfit. Many people draw ties or simply color the whole box red, but it’s truly up to you. The lego hands aren’t required, but if you  find the necessary material to make it, no one is stopping you.

A Bag of Jelly Beans

This is for those on a tight budget. All you need is a clear plastic trash bag  and multi colored balloons. Simply make a small hole in the bottom of the bag for your head, and two holes on the sides for arms. Then, put the bag on and stretch out the holes to fit your arms and neck. Finally, blow up some balloons, stuff the trash bag, and tie the bottom around your waist.

Jay and Silent Bob


A great paired costume for best friends with a significant height difference. These two famous delinquents are pretty easy to physically imitate. Unless you possess it naturally, the main prop would be two long-haired wigs, one blonde and one dark brown or black. Silent Bob has always worn a dark coat with a backward baseball hat on. Jay, on the other hand, is notorious for his black beanie with either a black or yellow jacket.

Take your time and do a good job. Remember, you don’t want people to second guess what you are supposed to be. If constructed correctly, these costumes are bound to get attention.

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