The Relation Station: The Frenemy

Let’s face it, we all have people in our lives who act like they are cool with us but really would love to see us fall. They have many names, such as haters, snakes in the grass, flies on the wall, and fake people, but for the sake of this discussion, we will call them frenemies.

Are You Sleeping with the Frenemy?

You can easily tell your real friends from your player haters by answering a few questions:

1. Can they be trusted with your business?

A lot of so-called friends will tell your confidential information to anyone who has an ear to hear. This is a sure sign of a frenemy. If you aren’t sure if they are trustworthy or not, tell them something that you wouldn’t mind someone knowing, but make it seem confidential. If they are a real friend, it will stay between you and them. If they’re trifling, then the “secret” will be out.

2. Do they rain on your parade?

Frenemies tend to have negative things to say- all the time! No matter how happy you are, they always find a way to make you feel down. When you accomplish something, or if something good happens, they usually are the only ones not celebrating with you.

Photo by: Cornelia DeLaney

3. Are they Envious?

Another sign of a frenemy is jealousy. A majority of the frenemies out there are frenemies in the first place because they are jealous haters, which provides motive and and is often the cause of their shady ways. This also links back to them not celebrating with you. It’s possible that they aren’t celebrating with you because they’re too busy trying to be you. Keep an eye out for those who constantly copy your style of dress or decide to do something just because you’re doing it. Now, them copying you shouldn’t be the sole reason you think your friend is a frenemy, because teenagers tend to steal eachother’s ideas; however, if it is excessive and in combination with all the other signs of a frenemy, you might have a pretend friend in your midst!

4. Do they care?

The difference between a real friend and frenemy is that a friend cares about your well being and won’t let you make stupid descisions that you would regret later. A frenemy wants to see you fall anyway, so they wouldn’t care (and might even be a little bit glad) if you make a stupid descision.

The Moral

Basically, be careful who you allow in your circle. Look out for the frenemies in your life and even check yourself to see if you fit the profile. As always, be wise and remember DON’T SLEEP WITH THE FRENEMY!

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2 thoughts on “The Relation Station: The Frenemy

  1. Although this story might seem silly to some, it is actually a real thing! It has happen to many people and they just don’t know what to do. I, for one, believe that all problems can be solved, but some need guidance than others.

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