Bullseye’s Halloween Coffeehouse

In honor of the Halloween theme, the black box teamed with students dressed in an assortment of creative costumes varying from scary to silly. In spirit of the holiday, Bullseye gave a complementary bag of candy away with each ticket purchase.

The night kicked off with three acts, each performing medleys of original and cover songs. Afterwards they let out for an intermission, which consisted of a costume contest and visits to the concession stand. Contestants lined up for the costume contest on stage, announcing their names and what they were dressed as. The audience then voted on their favorite via applause. It came down to a tie between The Joker and an 80s dudette. The two battled it out through a dance off and the 80s dudette came out the champion.

senior Zander Stein performing on stage.

Five more acts followed the entertaining competition, two of which recited poetry, while the others performed music. Each engaging performance had the audience drawn in and was followed by a bounty of applause.

Freshman Mavis Maharaj-Escobed reciting poetry.

“This is my second time and I think it’s really cool,” freshman Mavis Maharaj-Escobed said. “I’m definitely coming to the next coffeehouse.”

Next month’s coffeehouse will be “Battle of The Bands”, and promises to be as entertaining as the rest.


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One thought on “Bullseye’s Halloween Coffeehouse

  1. The Coffeehouse was the same as last time, I’ve heard, but the musicians are still great to hear. More people should go and have a blast!

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