Football Future’s

The future for these football players is cloudy. Photo by Meredith Collier.

A losing season is a hard thing for any football team to face. With a 2-8 win-loss record, the player’s  fell from  last year’s state championship contender to mediocrity. Be it the result of one of the finest batch of football players graduating and a new coach working with a new team, the simple fact is, even the Detroit Lions have a better record than the Brahmas this year. With the season over, this years senior football players are preparing to face their future.


Senior Troy Brown, fullback, doesn’t lay the blame on anyone in particular, but is still somewhat bitter over the results.


“A losing team gets less visits from scouts,” he said, “so the chance of getting a scholarship to a good program goes down.”


Troy thinks he will be going to UT San Antonio, but has hopes that the University of Kansas might offer him a scholarship.


Senior Matt Gramling, quarterback, has already been accepted into West Point.

“I’ll be playing basketball with my brother there,” he said.


Matt hadn’t played football since freshmen year when he was picked to be quarterback.


“It was a tough decision to make, but I’m glad I chose to play,” Matt said.



Senior Darik Dillard, running back, received a full ride to Rice University, based largely on his performance last year.


“Rice contacted me back in April, and I received the scholarship back in August.”


Darik had hoped to go to Harvard, “but Rice’s offer was too good to pass up.”


As fall comes to a close, the old guard retires to let a new team take the field. Next year may bring championships or misfortune, but for now, the future is uncertain.


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