The Melting Pot: A Cultural Judgement-Free Zone

Melting Pot Digital Artwork by Estefania Lamas

When trekking through the halls, it is impossible to miss the diversity of people that adorn the corridors and give them spice— even when speed walking. Despite the medley of backgrounds, the extracurricular activities offered to students who seek a truly multicultural  experience were limited to language clubs and culture days, a delicious excuse, until this year.

Inspired by senior English teacher Steve Davidson’s “Mac Teach” program, other groups aiming at “closing the gap” between cultures have quickly erupted. Among them are “Skype Club,” an organization that video-chats students from South Korea, and “The Melting Pot,” the official club of English Language Learners and those who want to learn about all the cultures represented on campus.

While the mission of “The Melting Pot” is to have “ELL students more involved in school and social activities to enhance campus community and motivate them academically,” club membership requires students to participate in community service and attend school and community functions. Their upcoming activities include a canned food drive and a thanksgiving lunch.

Overall, this club plays host to students seeking shelter from judgement, looking to try new things, or even those who wish to change someone’s life. Students from all ethnicities, religions, and ‘high school stereotypes’ are welcome.

The club was founded by Mrs. Summer Boyte, Mr. Luis Flores, Ms. Milena Pedraza, Mrs. Martha Reyna, and Mrs. Karin Montemayor. The club’s student president is Erick Ramirez, senior, and Victor Rivas, senior, serves as vice-president.

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