Hats Off To Helmets: Teddy Bear Davidson

"Teddy Bear Davidson" photo by Estefania Lamas


This week, Brahma Tales recognizes people and organizations from the community for their service to this country. They will be showcased in a 5-part series, “Hats Off To Helmets.”

Those who do not know Mr. Steven Davidson, senior English teacher, probably believe he is one of the most intimidating people they will ever meet. I often joke with him that he’s “simply a teddy bear,” a superficially imposing creature that ultimately provides solace and comfort to those lucky enough to encounter him.  What remains most remarkable of Mr. Davidson is not his intellect, his abilities to capture his sometimes rambunctious audience, or the amount of awards and recognition he has received from his community; it is his “heart of gold” that makes him, well, sparkle.

Though his awesomeness is self-evident, his experiences in the Gulf War made him the impressive  and effective teacher that he is today. During a discussion, I learned that he was to become a medic, serving in the field during the war. After seeing the devastation and inhumanity that war offers, he decided to switch career paths to become a teacher, to “teach students the danger of evil and humanity gone insane,” which sounds incredibly similar to the lessons he teaches us in class.

A military man at root, his commitment to humanism and the education of hundreds of students a year to avoid catastrophes is ultimately just as important as his service to his country during the war. The grace, compassion, and humble assertiveness of Mr. Davidson has multitudes more to teach us than does his curriculum. For those who do not, will not, or have not had him as a teacher, I encourage you to stop by his room for a few minutes and talk— about anything. You’re sure to have an incredible discussion.

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