No- Shave November

Student Supports No Shave November

It’s about that time of year again, No- Shave November, when beards and chest hair become the norm for the aquatics team. The time where those who aren’t in aquatics challenge their peers to see who can go without shaving the longest.

The reason for this interesting tradition lies in physics. As the swimmers’ bodies get accustomed to working harder due to the excess hair. Then, when competitions roll around and the hair is shaved, the swimmers move a lot faster. This training process is similar to those in cross country practice running more than the required distance in an effort to make running their race easier.

No- Shave November also hass the added effect of increasing the swimmers’ confidence.

“When they shave in February before competition, they know they’re going to go a lot faster if they’ve been working hard since November,” said Coach Walker.

No-Shave November enables dedicated aquatics members to get ahead and have some fun and eventually reap the benefits of their hard work during competition.

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