Relation Station: What Did You Call Me?

News flash: Using racial slurs to refer to each other isn’t cute. In fact, it is the epitome of disgusting social interaction. Whatever happened to saying words like “Pal” or “Homie,” or using the name “their momma’s gave them?” Has our society become so ignorant that we resort using words that were originally created to tear down the self esteem of certain people based on characteristic they couldn’t control, such as the color of the skin, or the slant of their eyes?

Alaina Newberry (10) explains why using racial slurs isn't cool

Look Back in History

If you look back in history, you’re guaranteed to find an example of how these words that are now a part of popular culture were originally used to belittle your own people. As Americans, we all have a unique and deep heritage that our ancestors brought with them on the long and difficult journey they had to take to get here. On top of that, a majority of them faced persecution and discrimination once they got here and had to fight for their rights. Racial slurs are derived from these difficulties. Regardless of the homeland, the majority of the people who immigrated to the US were persecuted, due to one small physical attribute or another.

The Ultimate Display of Ignorance

Not only does the use of racial slurs insult your own heritage, it shows a lack of intelligence. It sends the message that of all the words in the English language available to use, the only ones you know are those that were intended to inflict pain. This also goes to show that instead of going after your own way of doing things, you follow the crowd.

Have you no pride?

The blame isn’t just on those who use racial slurs, however. It’s also shared with those who allow themselves to be referred to as anything other than their names or a term of endearment. Our school is filled with talented and unique individuals who deserve to be called words that uplift rather than tear them down. Be proud of your heritage and who you are and don’t let anyone, no matter who they are or how close they are to you, call you anything with a negative connotation to it, especially words against your race.

The Moral

The use of racial slur is far from cute, displays ignorance, and insults your heritage. Even though the use of racial slurs as terms of endearment is now socially acceptable, it’s still extremely immoral. Standards of society shouldn’t automatically become your standards. Use better words that uplift your peers rather than insulting them and everyone who stood behind them. Never allow yourself to be called anything besides what you deserve!

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