Fall Angel. photo by Kyle Argueta

We get presents in December and eggs in April; candy in October, and love in February. But what do we hope to get in November, besides turkey? Has the meaning of Thanksgiving become crushed and stuffed into a turkey only to be baked in the oven? Or has it simply been consumed by football and good cooking? Thanksgiving kicks off the biggest “holiday season”  and also the biggest sale day of the year (the much anticipated Black Friday). Whatever take we have on the definition of the Thanksgiving , let us not forget where the holiday originated.

In 1621, English pilgrims courageously conferred with the natives of the vast, virgin lands they treaded on. A three day feast filled with food, games, and laughs marked the birth of Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for their generous neighbors and bountiful new lives. To honor, cherish, and show gratitude  were the core values of a true Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together and show their gratitude for each other’s presence,” Emily Twyford, junior, said.

The holidays bring families closer together in a magical way that words cannot describe. The spirit of the holidays quickly fills the home with unity and warmth, but the spirit of the holidays is beginning to shrink down to the size of a chesnut. People worry if their stuffing is the best on the block or even if their team will when the big game, and even some worry about setting up a tent in front of Best Buy in order to secure their spot in line for the latest technological device. Neglecting the true meaning of Thanksgiving and family, crazed food, sports, and shopper fanatics miss out in the legendary feeling  that willing participants get in their heart.

The holiday, that many of us look forward to all year, comes and goes faster than the last piece of corn bread. That is why we mush cherish the moments that we get to spend with our loved ones and make memories that will forever be engraved into our hearts and minds. Family and friends are the only tangible substance that can give and show genuine love and affection. The strong presence of grandpa, the warmth of grandma, and the quirkiness of uncle Joe make the diverse melting pot of good feelings that speak to the holiday season with glee and gratitude.

The gateway for family togetherness, warmth, and most importantly giving thanks for what we have defines Thanksgiving. This annual celebration of thanks is underestimated by many and can quickly become a frenzy of food and sales. I challenge you this year to embrace the meaning of this humble holiday and cherish the small and large moments this turkey day has in store for you.

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