Contemporary Conception: The Twilight Mainstream

For the past six years Stephenie Meyer has embedded her dark fantasies of vampire lovers, demented bloodsuckers, and hot-headed werewolves into the minds of teenage girls and boys everywhere. The popular series features a protaganist who represents a modern day damsel in distress with an awkward personality that ranges from boring to more boring as the movies goes on, a hero that is not really a hero that craves her blood, and a mega-hot werewolf with anger management problems and bad taste in females has become one of the most read  and watched sagas. Since its 2008 movie debut, bringing in $69.2 million on the opening weekend, it remains one of the most successful book to movie transfers (besides J.K Rowlings Harry Potter series, but will never be as good as the mystifying world Rowling has created).

While kids and parents alike have come to love the inner workings of Meyer’s books, other people find the Twilight craze to be a bit creepy, obsessive, and outright ridiculous.

“I think twihards are extremely over obsessive. I honestly don’t see why they are so fascinated with the series,” Caitlin Bulmer, freshman said.

“I love the books, but the movies are just too much. I only watch them for Taylor Lautner because well he’s hot,” Nicole Aytes, freshman said.

“It’s okay, I am not really a big fan, but I think it is interesting to see how people get so hooked on something as small as a book series. I just don’t see the big deal,” junior Vanessa Reyes said.

“I don’t hate it,” freshman Ashley Duke said, “But I am not a Twilight crazed fan either. The books were great but people are taking it to the point of no return.”

In my opinion I would definitely be in the gray area. Not a hater, but not a creeper (unless you are talking about Taylor Lautner, in that case I am willing to lower my dignity and become his personal creep, but I would never admit it…). Although I have found myself to enjoy the books with a wide interest and open mind I still find that related to other fantasy teen-fictions Twilight just doesn’t do it for me. In spite of the fact that I find the characters to be mundane and Cliché, I will be attending the day after premiere to see Breaking Dawn Part 1.

So no matter where you stand on the Twilight mainstream; Twihard, Twi-hater, Team Jacob, Team Edward, or just don’t give a flying werewolf, everyone knew this day would come. A glorious end to one of the most successful teen-fiction novels to hit the shelves of Barnes and Noble is finally coming to its conclusion Friday Nov. 18 at midnight.

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  1. For all that you write on your position with the popular series, I can agree wholeheartedly. I found your reluctant obsession with Taylor Lautner really funny, which is good, because it makes this blog entertaining to read! 🙂

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