Google Music

Google recently launched a music website linked to The Android Market. Enabling instant access Google Music from any Android phone. The site includes a music store, the ability to store up to 20,000 songs worth of personal music, and the option to share songs purchased through the store with friends via Google+. Added features include music recommendations personalized to the user, editorial pieces about new music discoveries, and the Artist’s Hub, which gives independent artists the option to publish and sell their music.

The store contains a variety of music, but lacks anything under the Warner Music Label, who has yet to allow Google to sell their music. This means the store will be lacking music by artists such as The Black Keys, The White Stripes and Rilo Kiley. The label is not alone in their apprehension of the offer, as other record labels agree that Google hasn’t made enough of an attempt to stop the pirating of music. While it does have that downside,¬†Google Music makes it easier for owners of Android phones to access their personal music libraries anywhere.

photo from BGR.

Here’s a preview of Google Music.


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