Dirt, Trash, and Bans on Campus


Trash left inconveniently around the MacArthur campus. Photo by Aly Zam

With the current misbehaviors at school and blatant disrespect through trash-throwing and rowdiness, students are left disgruntled and without outdoor intramural privileges.

Students juggle soccer balls, play hacky sack, throw footballs, and use the time they have to eat lunch as a recess. Though the uncleanliness is expected, with our school housing some three thousand students, the cancelling of outdoor intramural activities was set before break, but administrators have students on short leashes right now.

Staff members do not work as our parents, but as instructors, so don’t treat them as such. Help keep our campus clean.┬áCustodians are pressed with the most trouble around the C-D wings and in specific areas around the courtyard and black top, where students are seemingly wandering around and cluttering the flower beds and concrete areas.

A medium should be reached to fix all janitorial concerns, or new restrictions will be added. A principal goal is to keep the breezeways clean and the equally large lunches as uninterrupted as possible. With eight trash cans around the courtyard, the obvious choice may be to further facilitate the area, or incur detention for the more filthy litterers.

The ban is an administrative decision and should not be seen as a horrible punishment, but rather an example of the necessity and pride there is in keeping the campus clean. Periodically, our school wins awards as a historic campus, meriting the same if not more respect in keeping our school tidy.

Amy Sizzirotti, assistant principal, notes the many complaints around campus and its irrelevancy to the definite ban.

“[The ban] is up for reconsideration, and when Mr. Martinez decides privileges [will be] implemented. There are visitors and teachers around campus [complaining, but] we should be worrying about our safety, not about how dirty you are,” Sizzirotti said.

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