Winter Wear by Bekah Caldera


http//.abc.go.comIt is essential that every girl have the following items in her closet; knee high boots, leggings, cable knit sweaters, scarves, and warm headwear for the ultimate winter wear collection.

Knee High Boots

A girl can never go wrong with a great pair of skinny jeans and knee high boots. It’s a great look and can be executed in a variety of ways over and over again. This look can be altered by the boot style and/or the wash of the jean. Whether it be Uggs, sleek suede knee highs, or sultry zip up heels, these shoes can be a great match with any pair of form fitting pants.


Leggings are the perfect alternative for anyone needing a break from pants. They can be paired with a stylish sweater dress or dark colored skirt, although I don’t advise wearing leggings as pants unless paired with a top that flows and covers your butt. When attempting this look use thick dark colored leggings, NOT pantyhose. The difference between leggings and pantyhose is one is see-through and the other is socially acceptable.

Cable Knit Sweaters

The great thing about cable knit sweaters is they are extremely chic and are affective at keeping you warm. They come in a variety of colors and designs and can be paired with nearly anything. An over sized sweater can double as a dress if belted and paired with similar colored leggings, and a nicely fitting sweater could be paired with a cute skirt or fitted jeans. An assortment of cable knit sweaters is definitely a must.


A scarf  can be the perfect accessory when tying together an outfit. And can bring an outfit to the point of perfection. There is a scarf out there for anyone and everyone. Bedazzled, patterned, long, short, solid, vivid, or anything you can imagine.


The best part of winter wear can be headwear; winter it’s the perfect excuse to wear hats, knitted headbands, and if you’re gutsy in your style, maybe even earmuffs.

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