It’s Tebow Time

Under quarterback Kyle Orton, the Broncos were left for dead after finishing last year 4 – 12 and starting the 2012 season with a 1- 4 record. However, the Broncos have found new life under quarterback Tim Tebow, who has won 7 of the 8 games he has started, bringing the horses to a 8-5 record and giving them playoff hopes.

Holding the second longest win streak, behind the Packers, the Broncos are the the hottest team in the NFL, with an increasingly enthusiastic fan base. From Tebow bashing, to Tebowing, Tebow-time has taken the nation by storm.

“He’s a winner,” sophomore Mitchell Howard said, commenting on the success of Tebow. “He’s a horrible quarterback, but he finds a way to win.”

Tebow has won games, primarily in the fourth quarter, with a 61.3% pass completion and a 111.0 passer rating. He has more close-ending wins this season than teams can wish in a franchise. This doesn’t yet convince the Tebow doubters, who see his 39.4% pass completion and 54.8 passer rating, which still shows Tebow’s inefficiently as a passer.

“It’s just ridiculous,” senior Darik Dillard said. “It’s just plain horrible.”

On Tebow – you either love him or you hate him, but he is not the only reason the Broncos are winning games.  They’re the top rushing team in the NFL, and the defense has rejuvenated itself, keeping opposing scores under 17 points.

“With Dumerville and Von Miller on the edge, no quarterback can escape from that, and the defense keeps making plays,” senior Sam Tillotson said.

Von Miller OLB, has been counted for 11.5 sacks, and Denver is number one in team sacks. The defense has been player-pressure-defense, getting off the field on third down and getting turnovers when they need to.

The Broncos currently hold the AFC west and can afford to lose one game and still make the playoffs.  The Horses play the New England Patriots next, on Sunday at 4:15 p.m. EST.


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