Oops I Did It Again…

Holiday presents. photo by Kyle Argueta

Check. Check. Check. It seems that you have checked off everyone on your shopping list, except your best friend of ten years. Worrying and praying for more time to shop for the perfect gift, students fill the hallways with sighs and moans of concern. Ducking and dodging friends in the hallway, guilty students avoid conversations and contact with giftless friends.

Rummaging through the remains of the teen section at Target or standing in the long line to purchase the remaining shirt at Forever 21, the stress level has reached its peak. The question is, how fast will it go down hill? Will it be a speedy recovery back to sanity or a long, miserable journey to semi-satisfaction?

As you wrap the present and quickly slap the shiny red bow on top of the Taco Cabana gift card, you soon to begin to realize that all this mayhem could have been avoided by putting the shopping for our buddies before big Aunt Bertha’s gift.

You hand your friend the rushed gift in hopes that it would bring a smile to their face. In some scenarios, one can receive compliments on the amount of time it must have taken to think of such a magnificent gift. Fingers crossed behind your back, you sneakily and quickly come up with an absurd alibi as to “how hard it was to pick out that gift for them”.

Until next Christmas, you hope that those dreadful, forgettful words never leave your tongue. “Oops, I did it again…”

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