Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1942

This faithful day, seventy  years ago, marked the first day of American involvement in World War II.  Following the theory of isolationism adopted after World War I, America was rocketed into economic, social and political bliss.  Then after the Black Friday, and the Great Depression, Pear Harbor shockingly subjected America into the horrors of World War II.


It’s only fitting that on the anniversary of America’s admittance into the most iconic war in recent history, America pulls itself out of one of its longest military conflicts. President Obama recently ended operations in the Middle East, effectively bringing all troops in Iraq back home, except troops needed for base operations.  With this, we are forced to remember the troops and their effect on the people around them.


“It’s a tragic incident in world history,” Senior Robert Isenhour said, in remembrance of the veterans of World War Two. Isenhour’s brother-in-law, is part of the returning troops, he will be back in about two months. “I’m excited for [his] return], but the troops are still needed over there.”


“With all the sacrifices the veterans made for us, we are so lucky we are able to live in such a blessed nation, with such courageous individuals”, Sophomore, Sam Bernard said. “But the return of the troops is necessary for the well being of the globe.”


Both students, despite having different opinions of the war, understand the significance of our troops finally coming home, and the impact they have on the world.


Today, should be a day of remembr to all the sacrifice the men and women in the United States armed services have done for this country.  Even those who believe that the war was dragged on, should feel blessed they live in a country where they can speak what they want, when they want and they we want.

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