What’s Next for Theater?

Theater students performing duet. photo by Kyle Argueta

With the theater department wrapping up their last play ( the musical) of the this semester, theatre foregoers leave campus for the holiday break with anticipation concerning the next production. The barren stage, still filled with set pieces from A Christmas Carol, is completely actor and director free. The only activity happening on the lonesome stage is the removal of set pieces, lights, and props. The primary question on every thespians mind, including directors as well: what’s next for MacArthur theater?

“Our next play will be a full version of the One Act play we are plan to perform on later this year” theatre director, Dean Whitus said.

One Act is a 40 min production of a chosen play of any genre. There are specific rules that come along with a this production, due to the fact that it is performed against other local schools in a competition late spring.

“We are not sure of the genre and name of the upcoming spring theater production,” Whitus said. But for our theatre fanatics, that simple response is neither helpful nor productive; the anticipation has to be dragged out a little bit longer.

The little piece of information we do know is that theatre does a wide and diverse set of genres for each upcoming year. Last year, Our lady of 121st street was the chosen play for the spring and UIL production. This rough, edgy, and flamboyant type of play had great success at UIL competition, but was stored away from in the production vault and will stay there for a good amount of time considering the theater company prefers not to do the same type of play frequently. When it comes to the theater game plan, diversity is key.

“I really would like for a us to perform a farce like type of play, or maybe even a comedy,” junior Lexy Haynes said.

Whether the genre is action oriented, dramatic, or even a dark comedy, the theatre department ” hopes that the next play is a treat for the audience…” Whitus said.

” …A play that will be a learning experience for the actors, audiences, and directors alike”


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