CyberPatriots Attend Cyber Symposium

CyberPatriots at The Westin- La Cantera. Photo by Estefania Lamas

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2011— The “CyberPatriot” team attended a “Cyber Symposium” at the Westin- La Cantera, where they were exposed to real-life examples of what they do during their competitions.

While at the opening ceremony, they were recognized for being the last Army JROTC team left standing in the competition from San Antonio by representatives from Lackland Air Force Base and resident cybersecurity experts.

Lois Agabon (11) outlasts an Air Force officer at an impromptu push-up competition. Photo by Estefania Lamas

For two hours, they explored the symposium, spoke to potential employers, and collected freebies along the way. Lois Agabon (11), had a run-in with a group of Army and Air Force officers engaging in a heated discussion about gender discrimination in the military as well as the workplace, gaining the support of several officers (both male and female) who applauded her for her courage, audacity, and intellect.

“Women are paid seventy-five cents for every dollar a male makes, that is not okay,” Agabon said to one of the male Air Force officers. “I did not know that,” he conceded.

They eventually partook in a small fitness competition, where Agabon outlasted the officer in pushups.

The team’s mentors, Dr. Corey King and Lt. Col. Robert Blake were also in attendance. Their next round is in January.


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