Score One For “The Love Buckets” – Varsity Boys Soccer

Hot off a win against Wagner, boys’ varsity soccer headed out to scrimmage against Marshall on Friday, Jan. 6 with anticipation. They were without teammates Victor Rivas and Nate Ralph, who the team lost over winter break due to confiscation of Rivas’s student visa and Ralph’s reinjury Friday morning after being cleared to play.

Ryan Mercado "head" butts the ball with a little more face than normal. photo by Taylor Johnson

“We need to have a lot of ball movement, a lot of shots on goal, and a solid defense,” senior Zach Royston said.

Senior Brandon “Pinky” Pinkerton contributed to this solidarity from his goalkeeper position. After all-star Matthew Cardone graduated last year, the team knew there would be big shoes to fill for the next keeper, literally. Pinkerton willingly stepped out of his comfort zone and into the goal, proving both his all-around atheleticism and commitment to the team. Though there were some close calls, Pinkerton made every stop and held his own.

“Pinky has really stepped it up this year,” senior captain Patrick Moore said about his teammate. “His aggression is exactly what we need in a goalkeeper.”

On the other end of the field, the rams experienced similar intensity from the offense. There were several formidable but unsuccessful shots on goal earlier in the game, and during the second half sophomore Jon McCleod scored what would be the only point of the night. Players on both the bench and the field took time to celebrate, but the team quickly got back in gear and prevented the Rams from tying it up.

Andrew Gonzalez writhes in pain on the floor after ahead injury that draws blood.

With an ending score that mirrored their 1 – 0 win over Wagner, the varsity boys are now focusing all their attention on the North East Tournament to take place at the Blossom Athletic Center Jan. 13-14.

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  1. Hi Taylor. I’m Elliott Clark’s dad from teh soccer and football teams, and I am the Athletic Booster rep/dad for the boys’ soccer team. Very nice write-up, Taylor… Thanks a bunch! I do some write-ups as well, so if you’ll give me your email address, I’ll be happy to include you as well.

    Thanks again for the great coverage.

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