This Is An Argument You’re Not Going to Win – Debate and Speech Results

Trevor Stokes and Lauren McDaniel rehearse their DUO piece, photo by Sidney VanOmmeron

Last Friday and Saturday, Jan. 6 and 7, the speech and debate teams tested their skill at the Madison High School Tournament. They proved their worth with extensive wins and an overall 2nd place Sweepstakes.

Qualifications for TFA State were as follows:

Wyatt Bertsch – Congressional Debate, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Antonella Cullen – Dramatic Interpretation, DUO Interpretation
Dominic Dorsa – Congressional Debate
Thomas Duncan – Public Forum Debate
Samuel Pollock-Bernard – Public Forum Debate
Brittany Trub – Lincoln Douglas Debate
Alec Gray – Lincoln Douglas Debate
Larry Lepovitz – DUO Interpretation
*Lauren McDaniel – DUO Interpretation, Duet Acting
*Trevor Stokes – DUO Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation
Mackenzie Walsh – Original Oratory, Duet Acting
Jessica Luhrman 0 Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Kendall Richey – Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Patrick Gibbens – Public Forum Debate
Mitchel Howard – Public Forum Debate

*DUO by Stokes and McDaniel, “The Other Room”, recieved 7th place in the nation

The students’ hard work played as much role as their skill, and each team member prepared extensively for the competition.

“To prepare, you have to think of the points to make and fills the holes in your argument,” sophomore debater Shelby Slade said. “It is good to have a partner to back you up, and you have an adrenalin rush, which helps.”


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