Beauty with Bekah: Personality Defining Colors


It is said that you can tell someone’s personality by the way they dress, but did you know that the color of clothing can also have personality-defining signifcance? Whether by choice or sheer coincidence, the color of your clothing is making a statement and can affect not only your “aura” but also those around you.


 As a society, we often associate black clothing with rebellion or even emotional instability. At a young age, we are taught to associate the color black with evil, and we often catogorize the antagonists in the stories we read and the movies we watch as the characters wearing black or dark clothing (i.e. Voldemort from Harry Potter). We also characterize “rebellious” characters, such as Danny Zuko from Grease, in black. Although we are taught these assumptions, my sources say otherwise. I have found that black clothing has been more recently associated with authority and power. The color black is praised in the fashion world for its new found sophistication and its allusion of weight loss. Black can virtually be worn with anything, and it is said that if you are  someone sporting black, it is likey that you are very detail oriented


Contrary to black, white has been known to signify purity, cleanliness, and innocence. For the most part, the assumptions have been proven true. White reflects light, which translates to holiness or Godliness, and it is commonly worn by brides because of its close affiliation with purity and innocence. Ever wonder why doctors wear white? In order to suggest sterility.White is also catagorized as a summer color, partly because of its great ability to reflect light, and is a common fashion choice because of its neutrality and ability to go with anything. So the next time you’re out to set a good impression, or want to seem angelic, I suggest something white. 


Red, the color of  LOVE. Ever heard the saying, “everyone woman should own a little red dress”? Well its no wonder, because the color red has been proven to increase ones heart rate and breathing. Aside from its abilty to get the heart pumping, the color red also has the abilty to grab attention…talk about heart stopping! Now, although wearing it may have potential benefits for the wearer, the color red has a downside: it has been known to cause one to appear heavier. Rated the most “emotionally intense ” color, not only for its ability to attract attention and keep it, red has a negative connotation with anger. In other words if you’re out to impress, wear red, just try not to get into any confrontations.


Blue, a color favored by all, can signify trustworthiness, dependabilty, and commitment.  Because of its ability to cause the body to release chemicals to the brain encouraging a more calm disposition, the color blue signifies tranquility and peace. Blue can also symbolize loyalty. Aside from its positive connontations, it can also be percieved as cold or uncaring, depending on the shade. So wondering what to wear to your next job interview? Go blue!


Green is quickly associated with nature, peace, and ecology. And I bet you didnt know it has been known to improve vision! It is also seen as a persuasive color, as well as calming and refreshing. Like any other color, its shades convey different meanings, i.e. dark green can resemble masculinity, wealth and conservativeness, whereas an eccentric green can resemble mucus, a look definitely no one is going for. So if you’re looking to “spread peace, joy, and happiness,” wear green, man.


Similar to red, yellow definitely captures attention. Yellow is uplifting and optimistic and symbolizes enlightenment and happiness. Contrary to green, yellow is more difficult for the eye to take in and can also become overpowering if used too much. Yellow is a super color in how it sparks creative thoughts, enhances concetration, and even speeds up the metabolism! If you’re in search of little cheer in your life? Start by wearing yellow.


It is said that purple is liked by very creative or eccentric personalities. Commonly worn by gypsies because of its mysticism, purple has also been worn by queens and kings, due to its symbolism of royalty. Because of its rarity in nature, purple can seem artificial. However, it can also imply luxury, sophistication, and wealth. Purple can represent femininity and suggest romance, so if you haven’t chosen what to wear on your next date, I would suggest a purple ensemble.  


Brown, the color of earth, or more specifically dirt. The color signifies approachability, reliabilty, and stability. It is often characterized with nature, such as wood or leather, which is probably why it is often chosen as a favorite color by men. Besides its positive connotations, it can also be catogorized as wistful or sad. On the contrary light brown can signify genuinity. Any ladies out there looking for a dependable man? Try finding a guy wearing a brown shirt, this may possibly be your tip off.


Pink is a romantic color, capturing the intensity of red, yet implying the romance and femininity of purple. And like blue, pink also signifies tranquility. But because of its tranquilizing effect, the color has been known to reduce energy (which is perhaps why not too many boys fancy pink). Pink, the perfect color to wear for the upcoming Valentines Day! 


Gray, a mix of black and white, is timeless, practical, often worn and often liked. Yet despite its positive appearance, gray can signify an underlying depression, loss, or coldness.


Orange is a subjective color. It can be one of either two extremes, you love it or you hate it. The call is yours.

So the next time you get dressed, consider this: your clothes are saying something about you! Colors are important and you can use them to your advantage whether you’re looking to make a statement or looking to “make a move.” The choices are endless so choose wisely, my now color savvy friends, and make your clothes come to life! Who knows, you may just have a better day all because you wore a yellow shirt!

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