Fitness FUNdamentals- Yes to Yoga

Yoga Club!

The now trending Yoga Club, in Mrs.Beres’s room A210, is helping to incorporate fitness every Friday at 8:10 into student’s lives. Everyone from novice to expert is welcome to come and experience this club that keeps the heart beating.


It is believed that almost 26,000 years ago the practice of yoga was introduced from the valley of Indus during the time period known as the ‘Golden Age’. This time was known as a period of peace and blessings, filled with people seeking an eternal truth. Yoga is still to this day looked at to achieve  union between an individual’s mind to the universal consciousness. But it is also a great way to stay healthy and at one with your body.

Do teens still workout?

In a recent survey I recorded that only 1 out of 3 teens works out regularly. Some of the responses as to why these teens wouldn’t excereise is because of lack of motivation or they have no time with school and then work right after. But exercise is physically and emotionally essential to stay stress free, not worry about weight issues, and to keeping your heart up to beat!

How yoga can help you?

I got an exclusive interview with our Mac Yoga Guru, sophomore Elsa Maria Diaz , about she feels after her yoga routine. ” I feel relaxed and I enjoy it because it lets me star my day in a positive way,” she said.
She also gave some advice to those that want to continue to pursue this art of excercise. “Do it as often as possible, every time you’ll feel better and get better!”

Elsa Maria Diaz (11)

Yoga routine of the week?

The first yoga routine of this week is called the Sun Salutation. This routine has 12 different poses that are sure to help you feel the effort you put in, as soon as the next day. A few tips before you go off are :

1. Always remember to breathe! Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Have water close by to hydrate before and after your workout.

and 3. You don’t always need an expensive yoga matt or fancy stretchy pants. Sweat pants and bare feet will suffice.



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