Rick Perry Drops Out, Much Like 33% of Texas High School Students

Rick Perry at the Iowa State Fare. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Rick Perry, the current and longest serving governor of Texas, stepped out of the Republican Presidential Primary on January 19th, and publicly endorsed former Speaker of the House and rival in the race for Republican presidential nominee Newt Gingrich.


Rick Perry’s campaign was beset by trouble from the beginning, with controversy over fund-raising. A PAC (Political Action Committee), a group that can raise unlimited amounts of money from individuals and corporations in support of a candidate, but has to be completely separate from the candidates campaign, was run by a former chief of staff. This early controversy was followed by stunningly poor performance in debates, confused and garbled speeches, and his belief that everyone is at war with his christian faith, drew the wind from his sails even before the first caucus in Iowa.

Perry got 10% of the vote in Iowa, and then did even worse in New Hampshire, which he chose to right off to focus on South Carolina. He had money, but he didn’t have a ground game, and had been ridiculed in the media for his often eccentric beliefs, such as believing that it’s illegal for kids to celebrate Christmas in some parts of America (It’s not, Mr. Perry).

Now, Perry’s back in Texas, and in 2014, will get to see what the fall out of his embarrassing campaign will be.

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