Behind the Talent of Mac Idol

Silence falls upon the crowd as the light focuses in on the performer. Eager faces and enthusiasm are all clustered together in the crowd, as the students wait for them to start. And Friday January 20th Mac Idol and the performances begin. Ten acts are going to be show-cased in the Brady Auditorium at 7:00 p.m., and tickets can be purchased for $5 at the door.

Mac Idol will show a range of talents  students have to offer, and at the end the audience gets to vote for who they think should win.

“I’m not really in it for the competition,” freshman Brennan Dinglasan said.

Dinglasan will break dance for Mac Idol and is the only non-vocal performance.

“When I dance I feel invincible, everything just fades and it’s only me and the music,” Dinglasan said.

Dinglasan is eager to get up on stage and show off his talent just like his fellow performers.

“I just want to put on a show for everybody,” sophomore Joseph Friend said.

Friend  will do a vocal and guitar performance with his friend sophomore Sophia Sudiacal.

“It’s my first time doing a talent show for school,” Sudiacal said, “I’m pretty nervous.”

But despite being nervous what’s in the heart drives them forward.

“It’s a passion. Music is a passion,” Friend said.

Friday, 16 performers are ready to get on the stage and show just how passionate they are about their talents.

“Be there,” Joseph said, “And we’ll show you what we’ve got.”


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