Teens For Jeans Time

As we grow up,many of us outgrow our clothes and have no choice but to buy more. While socks and shirts will get holes in them, clothes like jeans are often durable and can still be worn after they’re outgrown. Often, many people send their jeans to donation stations like Goodwill and Thrift Town for another person their age or size to enjoy at an extremely discounted price. Although the resale prices are super cheap, some teens aren’t fortunate to even have a roof over their head, much less a pair of jeans to wear. And with one third of the homeless population under he age of 18, the need for clothing is significant.

Any style of jeans are accepted. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa


To solve this problem, The Teens For Jeans donation program will be accepting any pair of useable jeans you no longer want or need until Feb. 9. All you need to do is take your jeans to room C233, A213, or the library or ask Ms. Moyer or Mrs. Karger if you have any further questions.


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