Win Streak Disrupted by Johnson

Boy’s basketball had another disappointing loss on Wednesday versus the Johnson Jaguars. The boys worked hard in the first half keeping the score close at 20-24, when Johnson surged in the second half scoring 40 points to a measly 26 answered by the Brahmas.


The overall feeling of the team was one of confidence coming off a big win against Madison, the team felt like they can take on the world. Unfortunately the Jaguars struck first blood, and continue to strike the weakness of the defense.

The team’s offense was not up to par as well. The team leader in points was held by Matt Gramling and Marcus Harris, both with 13, while Johnson’s Jake Schifani doubled their points with 26.

Overall, the Macarthur Boys Basketball either had a bad day or the Johnson team was truly better, when they ultimately lost 46-64.


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