Florida Primary: A Nice Day to Start Again

Mitt Romney at his victory celebration. Photo courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor.


Lets get this out of the way upfront:

1.) Romeny, at 46.4%

2.) Newt Gingrich, at  31.9%

3.) Rick Santorum, at 13.3%

4.) Ron Paul, at 7%

The remaining 1.3% was split between people you and I have never heard of and joke candidates.

One of the best things about political campaigns is that politicians and their aides consistently pick songs to hype up their supporters that are a complete antithesis to their platform. It happened in 1984 with Ronald Reagan, destroyer of working-class America, and Bruce Springsteen’s song about the plight of the working class and Vietnam veterans, “Born in The U.S.A.” At least Reagan had dementia as an excuse and the song sounds like a patriotic anthem.

Mitt Romney, as far as I know, has a clean bill of mental health, but that didn’t stop him from using Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan’s song “Wavin’ Flag,” a song about the plight of the poor and a call for peace. Romney has never been poor and wants to bomb Iran.

But selective hearing has always been a disease that disproportionally affects politicians. Let’s talk about the someone in this campaign who’s honest: Newt Gingrich’s DJ. When the news came in that Romney had blunted Newt’s southern victory, this staffer knew what to play at the HQ; Billy Idol’s”White Wedding,” perfectly encapsulating Newt’s race baiting (“Food Stamp President,” anyone?) and the fact that he would need to “start again,” as the song goes.

Santorum, meanwhile, had decided that Florida was a lost cause and moved to Nevada, the next state in line for primary season, just before Super Tuesday. Whenever people discuss Santorum, I just remember that he told John McCain, a victim of torture as a POW, that he doesn’t now what torture is.

Somebody who probably should have moved on to Nevada was Ron Paul. Dr. Ron Paul, OB/GYN, realizing that he will never, ever, get the support of mainstream America, has decided to focus on caucus states, which gives his small but loyal group of supporters a chance to game the system by crashing parties.

Super Tuesday is coming, though, and when it does, either Gingrich or Romney (probably Romney) will be left standing.

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