Seniors Sign their Futures

Darik Dillard and Nathan Thompson photo by Estefania Lamas

“Unconventional Wisdom” and earning a “Degree of Difference” is what awaits both


Nathan Thompson (12) proudly puts his Cardinals hat on after he signed with Incarnate Word. photo by Patty Zaragoza

Darik Dillard and Nathan Thompson as of Feb. 1, when they signed away their future sports careers to Rice University and University of Incarnate Word.

“It is a remarkable experience knowing that a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders, “senior and now Rice undergraduate Darik Dillard said. “There is no more searching for college. I now have a school and a goal that I can plan to aim for without any distractions from not knowing what school I will be attending.”

Darik Dillard (12) proudly lends his Rice hat to his Mac Teach buddy. photo by Patty ZaragozaFor these two model student athletes this is more than just a set plan for college, it is an open doorway to the bright futures that eagerly await them.

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