Relation Station: Wishy Washy

One day they're the best of friends

Everyone needs the type of friend that sticks with you no matter what. When they say they’re your friend, they mean forever, not just when convenient or when you’re not getting on their nerves. This type of friend is the one that stays when everyone else walks out on you. The problem is, there’s a scarcity of true ride- or- dies, especially in our age group. People trade out their crews and switch friends like hair do’s. Two people are the best of friends, then the next thing you know, they’re not cool anymore because they got into an argument over something trivial, like a boy or girl or one of them got their feelings hurt, so they’re ready to bounce.

Media glorifies fickle behavior with reality T.V. shows like “Bad Girls Club” and “Real Housewives.” Though shows like these can be entertaining, they are a clear example of people who are friends one moment and enemies the next over men, “he said she said,” issues and other things that don’t really matter. Because these shows are popular and top the charts, their producers keep the drama coming, condoning this childish and inconsistent behavior.

...the next minute they're enemies

Don’t get me wrong: If you are being abused in any way or if the relationship isn’t healthy, by all means leave. Fickle behavior is when the relationship is perfectly healthy but is neglected due to something trivial. A friendship worth saving shouldn’t be dropped without trying to settle differences. It is important to establish boundaries in all relationships to avoid these silly disputes down the road.

True friends stick with you no matter what. If the relationship is really worth saving, don’t let it die due to stupidity and drama. Talk it out and get the facts before calling it quits.

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