Saying Goodbye to the Glam – ROTC Military Ball

On Saturday, Jan. 28, ROTC held their 44th annual Military Ball. All cadets attended and partook in a night of formality and fun. As executive officer, senior Rachel Perez became the Master of Ceremonies and had the responsibility of planning the Military Ball.

“The most difficult part of planning the ball was assigning the seating arrangements, based on experience, and making sure everyone was content with who they would sit next to, ” Perez said.

The night began with the receiving line of meet and greets, an introduction of the special guest speaker (former principal, Dr. Bobbie Turnbo), and dinner – consisting of brisket, rice, vegetables, and cheesecake for dessert. The ceremony felt different for each attendee. First time Military Ball go-er, sophomore Chelsie Curnutt, enjoyed the music and dancing in between.

“The ball started off formal, and overall was really fun,” Curnutt said.

Military Ball queen, senior Mali Lopez, attended for her last time.

“I really enjoyed it, but it was also sad because it would be the last ball that I would attend as a member of the department,” Lopez said.

The night ended with the senior officer line, as a farewell to seniors of the department, while their names and future plans were announced. Overall, the ball was a night of formality, fun, and a few farewells.

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