Splash To Victory-Aquatics Place at District

Hands slice through the cool blue water, as feet pound it’s surface pushing the swimmer forward. The water holds back their body, as every inch of the swimmer glides and slashes through the water closer to victory. Thrill runs through their veins when they find they were triumphant, and the title of winner is placed upon them.

Feb. 3-4 MacArthur’s Aquatic Team got to experience that thrill as they competed at the District Championship Meet.

The swimmers arrive at The Davis Natatorium  30 minutes early to warm up, after that it’s straight to the races.

“Relays are usually first then it’s individuals,” TJ Jones (12) said.

When the swimmers compete they are given a tidal wave of encouragement from their teammates, even the ones not competing that day.

“We give each other lots of support,” Jones said.

All the cheering and endorsement pushes the swimmers forward and at this meet the team placed 4th overall and will send 13 team members to Regionals.

“It’s really exciting when we get a good placing,” Audrey Hankins(9) said, “But for me it’s more of improving and going beyond what I thought I could.”

All the swimmers push themselves,  giving the races everything they’ve got, and afterwards the team goes out to Chesters or another restaurant to hang out, and celebrate.

“This is where coach tells us how we did,” Hankins said. “Our whole team is close…we’re like one huge family.


Here is what the swimming family accomplished last weekend at the meet:


4TH – MacArthur – H. Downs, B. Garza, K. Johnson, J. Luckado – 2:01.92


3RD – MacArthur – T. Winget, T. Jones, K. McGinty, R. Huizar – 1:39.88

200 FREE – M

8TH – Jonathan Jones – 1:55.56

200 IM – W

6TH – Klaire Johnson – 2:18.09

50 FREE – M

3RD – Kevin McGinty – 21.82

6TH – Marc Smith – 22.81

100 FLY –W

8TH – Lucy Filipowicz – 1:08.44

100 FLY – M

2ND – Tanner Winget– 52.63

3RD – TJ Jones – 52.98

8TH – Zach Howell – 56.17

100 FREE – M

3RD – Kevin McGinty – 48.80

7TH – Marc Smith – 50.83

500 FREE – W

6TH – Klaire Johnson – 5:31.82

500 FREE – M

7TH – Jonathan Jones – 4:58.59


5TH – MacArthur – H. Downs, B. Garza, L. Filipowicz, J. Luckado – 1:50.69


2ND – MacArthur – K. McGinity, T. Jones, M. Smith, T. Winget – 1:29.29

100 BACK – M

6TH – Tanner Winget – 56.92

100 BREAST – W

7TH – Bella Garza– 1:16.29

100 BREAST – M

5TH – TJ Jones – 1:02.12

8TH – Ryan Huizar – 1:05.21


5TH – MacArthur– L. Filipowicz, H. Poluka, A. Hankins J. Kouzel – 4:14.55


4TH – MacArthur – LJ Mason, A. Schweninger, C. Adams, Z. Howell – 3:35.12



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