Super Bowl- Recap

Without fail the Super Bowl was the most watched network show ever, and although it attracted the same number of fans as the population of the entire African continent (probably even more) the game was a disappointment, to a degree. Both teams should have ran away with the ball, scoring points like it was truly their last season, but simple mistakes showed that the Patriots were

only human and not the super-powered football machine every one described them as.


The Giants’ defense disrupted Patriots’ quarter-back Tom Brady just enough to keep the offense off balance and off rhythm. This effectively kept Brady and the Patriots’ offense on the sideline, which is the first thing to do when playing the Patriots. In the first quarter, Brady had only one play that in turn resulted in a Safety and two points for the Giants, compared to 22 plays by the Giants. It wasn’t until the second half when the Patriots seemed to gain momentum and pull into the lead.

With only a one point lead at the second half the Patriots scored again on a 12-yard pass from Brady to Hernandez. This forced

the Giants to score at least twice to win the game. After Two giants’ field goals and nail bitting drives, the Giants were two points

away from the lead.


Now this is where the best part of the Super-Bowl came. It was 2nd and goal, Giants’ ball and clearly in control. The question wasn’t whether they would score but how they will do it. There was enough time on the clock that if they scored a touchdown, the Patriots could come back and win, but settling at the one yard line and wasting time scoring a field goal would seal the deal and

declare the giants the winners. Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw took the ball, untouched, to the one yard line and, deeply confused, attempted to kneel on the one but was pushed him into the end-zone by his momentum scoring the winning points.


By far, one of the funniest plays I have seen in professional football (in the Super-Bowl no less). If it wasn’t for Bradshaw’s confusion and indesicion the Giants would be on a very angry flight home, and for that reason my MVP goes to Bradshaw’s flop into the end-zone.


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