Valentine’s Day For Men

Valentine’s Day is often perceived as a holiday for the ladies; a day filled with sentimentally cheesy cards, flowers, and a box of chocolates for your female sweetheart. To some girls, Valentine’s Day is nearly a dream come true, but what is often overlooked is the males perspective of February 14th. While the role they play, as gentlemen who take their girls to dinner and treat them like queens for a day, is often generalized, the way guys actually feel about Valentine’s day is normally undiscussed.

Enrnesto Herrera (9) sending a heart out to his girlfriend.

As it turns out, most guys look forward to and embrace Valentine’s Day, just as girls do. Even guys that try to keep it cool can’t wait for that special day with that special someone.

Some view Cupid’s holiday from the material goods aspect. While most of us can’t afford diamonds and pearls, many will save a few bucks to buy that gourmet box of chocolates or obnoxiously oversized teddy bear for their sweetheart. Guys, like junior Quinton Hoover, enjoy the opportunity to drown a girl in gifts this time of the year.

“I enjoy Valentine’s day because it the one day created to go all out and spoil your girlfriend, and she loves that,” Quinton said.

Some guys, on the other hand, pay less attention to the bells and whistles of Valentine’s Day and celebrate it more sentimentally. To them, heartfelt and homemade gifts such as hand written love letters or homemade coupons for free back massages emotionally portray the way they feel about a girl (or maybe they were just low on cash). Either way, guys, like junior Ryder Laijas, put forth an extra effort to show how much they care.

“Valentine’s Day has to come from the heart, which is why I’ve been working on my cooking skills,” said Ryder.

The truth is, most guys want to treat a girl to a day she will remember and have many different methods of doing so.Whether it’s to spoiling girls or showing true appreciation for them, it’s apparent to everyone that Valentine’s Day is all about the ladies.

“It’s definitely a girl’s holiday because if you don’t treat a girl like a queen, you’re doing something wrong,” Ernesto Herrera, freshman, said.


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