Dominating the VASE

Over 1,000 pieces of artwork were submitted from nine districts, three private schools, 33 schools, and 65 teachers to the VASE art contest this Saturday, Feb. 11. Out of the 128 pieces that were judged and chosen to advance to state, a difficult feat amongst artists, 17 were student participants from our school.

“It was very overwhelming, the feeling of being recognised out of all those kids and just having

Dog photo drawn by Jessica Thompson (11). photo by Jessica Thompson

your artwork chosen was huge,” junior Dante Dispasquale said. “It was a very big honor.”

The following students advanced to state:

Dante Dipasquale (11) (2 pieces advancing)

Jeremy Moreno (11)

Paige Reeves (10) (2 pieces advancing)

Jessica Thompson (11)

Ashley Gurrola (12)

Konnor Frazier (12)

Samantha Ayala (9) 0(2 pieces advancing)

Bonny Chu (9) 00(2 pieces advancing)

Taylor Wilcox (10)

Kayleen Wright (11)

Jaeseong Yoon (10)

Mika Gomez (9)

Zach Roberts (11)

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