Long-Lived Music Store To Close Up For Good

A small overview of the stores sheet music collection. Photo courtesy of mysanantonio.com

Ever since its start back in 1937, The Southern Music Company has served  local musicians by offering a large selection of highly regarded sheet music publications, lessons, and musical accessories, however, due to the availability of online music, the store will unfortunately close its doors for good on Saturday, Feb 25. But, there is one positive outcome of the stores decision to close. In order to liquidate their remaining products, the music store announced that all of their sheet music will be at least fifty percent off until everything is gone.

Not to be mistaken for other music stores like CD Exchange, The Southern Music Company exclusively offers original music compositions for individual instruments and even Band and Ensemble publications from big names like Warner Brothers and Oxford University Press. Chances are, a handful of fine arts students have at least visited the place for their musical needs.

“You go down these stairs and it leads to walls and walls of sheet music.” Junior Kole Pantuso said. “There is so much music you can find stuff thats been sitting there unsold for years.”

In addition to the generous selection of music and hand in hand with their 75 years of service experience, the Southern Music staff has been very friendly over the years and have always made their customers feel right at home.

The store's local fame comes from multiple aisles of sheet music like this. Photo courtesy of mysanantonio.com

“Every time I go in there it’s some laid back old people just chillin, and sometimes there is a little dog running around.” Pantuso said.

If you want to go grab some cheap sheet music and say one last goodbye to the the old folks before they pack it up for good, Southern Music Company will be open from 9A.M. to 5P.M.during the week and 9A.M. to 1P.M. on Saturday.

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