The Four Horsemen Burger Challenge

“Are you sure you want to try this?”, responded the waitress at Chunky’s as Matthew Miller ordered one of the spiciest burgers in the world, “We sent someone to the hospital yesterday.” Miller bravely signed the required waiver, sealing the deal.

The Challenge: eat a burger containing four extremely hot peppers jalapeno, serrano, habanero and┬ábhut jolokia (ghost chile), in 25 minutes. After completion you’re required to wait 5 minutes without anything to drink to allow the burn to thrive.

Photo by Brendan Walter on Alternative Press.

In case you’re incapable of keeping it down (most people are), they supply you with a bucket.

Winners get their picture hung on the "Wall of Flame"

The motives behind the people who attempt this vary but to name a few: if you successfully complete the challenge your meal is on the house, it gives those who claim to have high tolerances a chance to prove themselves, and others are simply dared into doing it.

Unsure of what to expect, Junior Matthew Miller of Alamo Heights High School accepted the challenge, promptly learning that the burger was no joke and acquired a better understanding behind the name “Four Horsemen (of The Apocalypse)” as the peppers took their tole on him during and after consumption. In Miller’s own words the experience was a “horrendous” one. “I think I’m crying”, Miller said, no more than three bites into the burger.

Watch the video to see exactly what went down and if he did in fact come out a champion…



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One thought on “The Four Horsemen Burger Challenge

  1. WOW! That was also on Man vs. Food and he almost didnt make it! I never thought that people were that brave to eat something as spicy as that! I can’t even eat a spicy food with at least wanting water! Good Job!

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