Bowling a Strike – MacArthur Girls Bowling Team

April Bennet's (10) bowling stance

Bowling balls zipped down the bowling lanes, clashing with the pins in a frenzy of explosive clatter, as parents, coaches, and siblings bellowed out words of encouragement. The girls turned from their lanes with faces ranging from enthused to dissatisfied to aggravated from the outcome of their last bowl. The team members struggled to win their one on ones or singles against Providence. They were a bit disgruntled as the singles came to an end and the scoreboard revealed that not all of them had won.

After the singles, the girls huddled up to give each other high fives, pats on the back, and a plethora of reassurances and support.

Alexis Clark (9) and Alicen Waterman (12) wait for their turn to bowl

“It all depends on who wins their singles,” sophomore Ruth Gerhardt said. “Then you figure out how many bakers you need to win.”

The bakers, which are team vs team matches, gave the girls a chance to redeem themselves, because together, they were unstoppable.

“There are four games of bakers and five of us,” Gerhardt said. “We only bowl two frames against the other team who then also does.”

The first baker was a success, as the girls got two points added on to their score, making a comeback from the messy singles.

“All of us girls have done really good,” April Bennet(10) said. “We’re getting far.”

Alicen Waterman (12) pauses a few seconds before her turn

As the second baker came around, the girls were all high fives and big smiles because it also led to a victory, earning them another two points. The third and fourth baker approached quickly after, both ending in success and leading the girls to an overall victory.

From this conquest the girls head to regionals with heads full of dreams and triumph, hoping to have another satisfying victory.



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