The Aesthetic Movement: Farewell School Spirit

photo by Kyle Argueta

Mac Community…the word unity in community has seemed to casually walk off into another direction and by the looks of it, won’t be making its reappearance anytime soon. The level of bonding and team building amongst our population is suffering tremendously. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have lost respect and pride for their classes. School has become a holding place where teachers teach and girls gossip. As nothing more than just a place to chat and accompany friends, our school (our second home) is slowly creeping towards the foreclosure of school activity and spirit.

“Seniors have a huge part in the mood for the whole school year,” junior Pattie Trevino said. “If they (seniors) start off the school year with a bitter and stale attitude, then the juniors and underclassmen will be sure to follow.”

As the elders of the our school’s population, seniors should and are held at a much higher standard. Just like any household, the oldest has the responsibility and duty to lead their “troops” (siblings) into victory and satisfaction. That being the case, seniors have failed to do such things and are currently not setting any example at all. It seems that our school population has been diagnosed with “senioritis” and has no ambition to be a part of something bigger than MacArthur Brahmas.

” Our school spirit is an emotional rollercoaster,” junior Kate Bachle said. “It seems that the only time we are peppy is when we are winning, but I want to know why we can’t have school spirit consistently throughout the year?”

Are school spirit and student ambition relegated to their own communities, with their own seasons? Or could it that a new administration can carry a new attitude of school spirit that will have our school population wanting more but receiving less? It seems that of Bobbie T’s exit has left us in short supply of student ambition. Going through a drought, students crave and desperately miss the random intercom announcements where Bobbie T would scream “Attention Students” and or “Hey all you Brahmas” in a fabulous Paula Dean accent.

Though times at MacArthur High may drag slowly by without victory and triumph, we have many other activities to keep us up and moving with laughs and memories. Clubs such as Yoga Club, Breakfast Club, and Fishing Club are alternatives that are full of academic ambition and willingness at participation. The waters look murky for the fighting Brahmas, but one thing’s for sure: clubs are the new sincerity, students!

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