Bowling A Spare-Bowling Team At Regionals

Families and friends gathered around to support their schools as the bowlers prompted themselves for the matches. Fear and apprehension filled the heads of the bowlers as they huddled up for some advice form fellow teammates and coaches. An excess of people piled into the bowling alley as competing schools, ranging from Taft in NISD, to Madison, to private schools like Providence and Central Catholic, put on their uniforms and tied their shoes tight.

“Every team bowls every team once, ” sophomore Eric Minor said. “It’s a very long Sunday, about five hours of bowling.”

Nevertheless, MacArthur entered with big expectations and the ambition of going to state, which was all very plausible because the boys entered Regionals at 2nd place within the five schools in our district, while the girls entered 1st within the four schools in our district. Regionals for the boys included three districts as well as three districts for the girls.

“There were nine teams total for boys, and for girls there were seven,” Minor said.

MacArthur began their games with bakers, five bowlers and two frames.

“At first we started out good, but as it went on we only had two bowlers doing good for bakers. So we dropped down to the second to last place,” Minor said.

The boys ended up with only winning four of the nine games they played, leaving them second to last place.

“Overall, I’d say the match went well, but we definitely could have done better,” Minor said.

The girls were also off their game, but did a little better than the boys.

“We did good,” freshman Alexis Clark said, “but we could have done a little bit better.”

The girls won three out of the seven games bowled, and ended up in fifth place.

“The top four teams make state, and we got fifth,” Clark said.

When the last match came it was against Madison and the girls worked really hard but lost, letting the chance of state get away.

“Since we didn’t win, we didn’t get to go to state,” Clark said.

Here are some stats from the overall season and Regionals:

For the boys team, at regionals they averaged a 195.

Their win-loss record was 7-5 for the season.

Senior Joseph Mizell had the highest average for the season with a score of 207

The overall average for the boys was 166.

Joseph Mizell bowled the season high score of 279.

The girls teams average at regionals was 165.

Their win-loss record was 8-1 for the season.

Senior Alicen Waterman had the highest average of the season with a score of 157.

The girls team average was 131.

Alexis Clark bowled the season high score of 187.




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