Spring Break Redefined

Going “wild” on spring break is the usual way to spend the “over a week at wherever you go” when students aren’t obligated to attend school. The usual swimming and partying that students flock to can get redundant, so try something new this year. A few things to do to make Spring Break 2K12 memorable can be found here.

Try to stick to doing a few of these activities:


SXSW is a tradition known too well across the “hipster” region of Texas. From March 9-18, drop by the Austin Convention Center for film, music, and art shows. This is a great way to start off spring break, especially with the relaxed atmosphere and good food.

For more information visit http://sxsw.com/attend


As wimpy of an idea it may seem, having a picnic is a fun hangout for a group or a couple. A way to make picnics interesting is to have all who are attending bring items of food to have plenty to share. Yet, the most important factor to having a picnic is the location. Having a unique setting can make a picnic worthwhile, and instead of eating for a couple hours, you may find yourself visiting some of the scenery and enjoying the experience.

The following are excellent places to have picnics:

McNay Art Museum

Botanical Gardens

Japanese Tea Garden

Sunken Garden Theater

Visit the Artistic Side of San Antonio

The “Keep San Antonio Lame” T-shirts are quickly falling out of fashion, and for good reason. San Antonio is exciting in various ways. Experience good food, enticing art, and lots of dancing at a low cost and short trip downtown.

Stop by and spend a day at  the La Villita Historic Arts Village and get your fill of music and food from the most authentic places in San Antonio.


Also, celebrate Contemporary Art Month with the rest of San Antonio in different, unique downtown locations.

Local and well known artists show their exhibits from the Guadalupe Gallery to the Equinox Gallery.

For more information, visit http://contemporaryartmonth.com/upcoming

Some Exhibits to keep your eye on are:


Pie to the People


Mirror Maze

It exists downtown in the Alamo Plaza and it’s ready for visitors. The Mirror Maze is an interesting way to spend time with friends and family, and most likely one of the more unique attractions in San Antonio.

For more information, visit http://www.riverwalkguide.com/ultimate-mirror-maze-challenge/


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  1. south by southwest is always my favorite music festival and austin isn’t that far from san antonio. check it out for sure!

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