Solved #Kony 2012

“Kony 2012” is arguably the fastest viral sensation thus far this year. While some people are quick to jump on the “Make Kony Famous” bandwagon– there are some facts that need to be covered. Firstly, Joseph Kony IS real and is still alive; secondly, Africa is a cesspool of tribal wars with a lack of human rights and lots of corruption and terrorism. The third -and final- fact is that a mass movement for Kony’s head will not solve anything. Osama’s death, although liberating, did not eliminate al-Qaeda (in the same way that killing Hitler would not have stopped World War II).

Now we’re at an impasse: How do we effectively help Africa without military action? The answer lies in economic action, not economic aid, to help Africa become its own independent industrial continent.

Military action in Africa is political suicide, though that hasn’t stopped politicians in the past. Though Obama has finally been successful in pulling troops out of the Middle East, another military movement is just not what his administration or the people want. Africa is still a pressing issue on the matter of human rights, and we can still solve this without military action.


Africa itself is not a poor continent, nor is any independent nation residing inside it. The Congo is known for its mass amount of precious stones, and if you go more north you are met with a abundance of oil fields. Based on raw materials, Africa is more than capable to sustain itself, even if based on a mercantile system. What we can do is help Africa set up is new economy; we can invest in businesses, buy more African products, and even create businesses in Africa. Our increasing approach into Africa will make its GDP increase and bring it economically back on its foot decreasing black market transactions and logically crime.


We can also help Africa on a political level. Back in 2003, President Bill Clinton passed Executive Order 13312, which included the Clean Diamond Trade Act. This act helped to regulate the trade of “blood” or “conflict” diamonds into the United States. The Problem is the majority of diamonds or precious stones sold from Africa, actually came from reputable dealers in the Congo which further more hurt their status, and increased the amount of “blood” diamonds.

Instead of asking the government for Kony’s head, ask for a more rational choice to put all of Africa back on its feet.

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