Advancing To District- One-Act

The opening scene for The Seagull. photo by Kayla Gunn

The lights in the house dimmed as the pitter patter of footsteps scurryied on the floor and the dying whispers from the audience were silenced. They brightened on the stage as the main curtain opened and the performance began. Last Saturday, March 24, MacArthur Theatre Department performed and hosted for the One-Act competition – and won their district.

Having the familiar stage they rehearsed on every day gave them a big advantage against the other competing teams, although the cast and crew still worked hard to make sure their blocking on stage was perfect and the sound and light cues were on time exactly.

“It’s intense, ” junior Jaron Dinglasan said. “Last year I was an understudy, and now as an actor in a one-act play it’s even more so.”

Before the play can begin the cast and crew have 15 minutes to get all their props and furniture together and set them up on stage, then the actors get to their places and start.

“I was pretty nervous,” Dinglasan said, “but we advanced.”

This year MacArthur preformed The Seagull, originally by Anton Chekov, but they did the adapted version by Tom Stoppard.

A scene from The Seagull. photo by Kayla Gunn

“It’s a dark comedy,” junior Christina Douglas said. “It’s a play people might be interested in seeing, and once they see it they will know it’s a good play.”

This weekend was the Zone competition, and because MacArthur is a smaller school, they competed in Zone 2.

“The play is good, I was excited to preform,” Douglas said.

With a history of advancing on to the next stages (area, district, and so on), MacArthur had big expectations. With those expectations met, they now hope to advance from district and continue on to area.

“Hopefully we will do the best we can, and we can get to advance,” Douglas said.


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