Defeated by Reagan Rattlers

The varsity baseball team played the Reagan Rattlers on March 21 and lost after 7 innings.

The first inning of the game started out discouraging when the Reagan Rattlers hit a home run, scoring them two points.

Senior Josh Lambert up to bat.

The second inning began and still no progress had been made in advancing the Brahma’s score in the game. At this point their had been 6 errors made on their part and incorrect calls by the umpire.


Junior John Martinez pitching.

Due to an error, the Rattlers seized another point. One can make a prediction towards the end at this period in the game. With a total of 7 innings, the umpire called the game at 7 for Reagan and 0 for home.


The loss was disheartening for the team, senior Michael Saens said “At the beginning we were doing great and winning games and we were playing how we know how to play but ever since district, things have fallen.”

The next game is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27 at Central Catholic High School.

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