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Math and Science Sponsor Mr. McDaniel talks to Journalism Competitor, Zach Royston

The district wide Academic UIL competition will take place on campus on Monday and Tuesday, April 2nd and 3rd. Due to this, school will get out at 1:30 on both days.

Bell Schedule for UIL

The UIL competition involves a variety of tests in different formats and over different topics. The Interscholastic League sponsors a multitude of competitions – ranging from Concert Band to Forensics – but this particular one is the district competition in all manner of Academia. The events are scheduled as follows:

Monday Afternoon, April 2nd

Ready Writing @ 2:00
Computer Applications @ 2:00
Number Sense @ 2:30
Calculator Applications @ 3:00
Mathematics @ 4:00

Tuesday Afternoon, April 3rd

News Writing @ 2:00
Social Studies @ 2:00
Ready Writing @ 2:00
Feature Writing @ 3:00
Science @ 3:45
Editorial Writing @ 4:15
Spelling & Vocabulary @ 4:30
Accounting @ 5:00
Literary Criticism @ 5:00
Headline Writing @ 5:15

For those not participating in the events, the school instructors ask that you please exit the campus as soon as possible and DO NOT go visit your previous schools.

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