Reaching for A Chance! (Battle of the Bands 16 Flyer)

A few students from the band, The British Are Coming, have entered into a chance at getting voted onto the Vans Warped Tour 2012. If they win, they get a $15,000 Guitar Center shopping spree, an all expenses paid trip to hollywood to play live at the 2012 Warped Tour after-party, a two week slot on the 2012 Warped Tour, to record a 3 song EP with Multi-Platinum Producer/Head of A/R for Warner Brothers, John Feldman, one year of paid Tunecore service – digital distribution on ITunes, Yahoo, Rhapsody, Amazon, a full Ernie Ball Music Man endorsement, and customized Vans shoes (custom Volcom apparel package). That’s a once in a life time opportunity! (The British Are Coming)

But to even be considered by the judges, the band must be voted into the top 100 bands from their venue and from there, be judged by industry professionals. If chosen, they will be one of the four bands to preform on the Ernie Ball Stage in this summer’s Warped Tour.

If you would like to put your vote in for the bands you see at warp tour, then click on our Ernie Ball’s link. Good luck to ‘The British Are Coming’ and everyone else entering for a chance to win!

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