PROM-ise To Go With Me?

photo by Estefania Lamas

Prom Cookies? Prom Ballons? Prom Flowers? Prom Puzzles? Prom Chalk? The possibilities are endless, it’s all in the creativity. There have been prom proposals left and right lately; everything from rapping and roses to “Prom?” carved into a potato. There is approximately a month left till prom, which is positive news for someone who has yet to have been asked, and negative for those who haven’t asked.

For those of you who want to ask someone to prom, the earlier the better, to ensure your date will be yours and won’t be asked by someone else before you get the chance. The next step is deciding how to propose the idea of going to prom with this said person. Creativity, thought, and a little heart should all be contributing factors in asking someone to prom.

A lot of people don’t see the necessity in giving or receiving an extravagant invitation, yet prom is a significant occasion that marks the conclusion of four years in high school. When asking someone to prom, most students want to have a pretty good idea that the person they are asking will say yes, because although you may have the most creative or unique way of asking someone, that doesn’t guarantee a yes. It would probably be a good idea to drop a few hints to get an idea of whether or not the person would like to go with you before you get your hopes up or spend money on it.

photo by Estefania Lamas

It is also important to take your prospective date’s interests into consideration. For more serious couples, try tying the proposal into something specific to the relationship. For instance, a couple who is notorious for going on dates to see baseball games, should maybe write “Prom?” on a baseball or in ketchup or mustard on a hot dog. Even an inside joke could prove successful. Whatever method you choose, remember to be creative and thoughtful. Good Luck!

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