YOU GOAL, GIRL! Girls’ Soccer Advances To Quarterfinals

Girls’ soccer won 2-1 against Corpus Christi Carroll on Thursday, April 5 to advance to the regional quarterfinals. They will be playing against the Reagan Rattlers at BAC-West at 6PM.

Player to look out for: Marlyn Campa

Campa, senior, is signed with Texas Southern University. “She’s a well-rounded player,” said Nate Ralph, senior boys’ varsity soccer defender. “She’s a top-scorer; can move the ball around.”

Superfan and crowd entertainer, Ruston Roy, screams at a bad call. photo by Raven Rodriguez

Blue Out: Student Participation Crucial To Team Morale

“Everybody being in the stands definitely puts more energy out for us and pumps us up for the game,” said Shannon Lukehart, junior mid-fielder. Dhruv Sharma, research fellow at Harvard University, has found that, “the presence of an audience helps enhance performance of tasks…and as such helps dominant skills.”

Their first face-off against Reagan ended in an 0-2 loss, the other in an 0-0 draw. “This game gives us the opportunity to show others that we’re not a team that can be walked on,” Lukehart said.

Superfan: Lee Senter

Go to a soccer game lately? It’s impossible to miss “Superfan” Lee Senter, a junior, whose “secret antics” have a tendency to get him in trouble during games.

“I go to soccer games because the girls are hot,” Senter said. “Also, it’s fun to taunt other girls and other fans. Once, I got kicked out of the Judson game because I brought a Chinese flag to support Zengwei Tong, a Chinese-born, boys varsity soccer player.”

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