A Head to Head…to Head Battle

Bullseye pulled off the greatest rock show this school has seen this year. In fact this was the only rock show at MacArthur this year. Ranging from alternative blues to screem-o metal, three bands went head to head to head for the best student band at MacArthur.

The Nice Guys, Photo by Alec Gray

The opening act was The Nice Guys, featuring lead man Trevor Stokes, Daulton Mattingly on drums, and Jeff Lerete on bass. The Nice Guys played four singles and a cover of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, combining sounds of Jack White and Blink-182, to round out a good alternative sound.

The British Are Coming, photo by Alec Gray

The second band was entitled The British Are Coming, featuring lead man Jesse Montagna, Josh Brown on bass and back-up vocals, Eddie Sakiewicz on drums. The British Are Coming fused original neo-metal and scream-o songs to provide a distinctive sound that really energized the crowd.

Enter Equilibrium, Photo by Alec Gray

The final band was Enter Equilibrium featuring frontman Manny Gonzales on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Irvin Martinez on lead guitar and back up vocals, and Nick Yepez on bass guitar. With a mix of singles, written by both Manny and Irvin, and popular covers, Enter Equilibrium rocked the crowed with their take on the metal lifestyle.

A fourth band was scheduled but did not show up due to unknown circumstances.

On a very close vote Enter Equilibrium was announced the winner with the Nice guys and The British Are Coming tied for second.

Overall Battle of the Bands wasn’t a total flop, with about 50 people attending and everyone having a good time, but compared to past B.o.t.B. (with 150+ attendees) it could’ve gone better.

“I guess your generation just isn’t as in to music as past ones,” Sponsor Andrew Arnatt said, about the club’s disappointment on the turnout.

 Bullseye’s next event is Improv Night planned for the end of May.

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