Reagan Leaves Black and Blue, Mac Advances to Regional Semi-Finals

Junior, Catherine Sharp, being pushed down by a Reagan player. photo by Hannah Kurtz

Two shots on goal in the first half, both saved by the Reagan goalie, and the girls were in for a rough play-off night. The game was dirty (more than just grass and mud stains) as #8 Courtney Bertholf bowled over the opposing Reagan player, while the crowd screamed, “You got dommed [dominated] on!” Suddenly the ball was in the Reagan possession as they zipped past Madison Kingsbury and shot at the goal. Lauren Majek waited at the goal ready for the save. During the action she dropped the soccer ball allowing to roll towards the goal, but before the ball could go into the net, Majek recovered and sent it flying towards the other side of the field…and the first half was over.

At the beginning of the second half, Majek came back with an epic save, where the ball was hurtling towards the stationary player at maximum speed, but was stopped, merely, by her foot. The stands, baring the weight of the sweaty, grass stained players, erupted into hysterics as they relayed the song, “Magic” (oh, oh, oh it’s magic. You know, never believed it’s not so. It’s magic), in lieu of the her name. Soon, Bertholf was off, her sights set on the goal; she scores. The girls lead the game 1-0.

Senior Marlyn Campa piggy backs Sydney Joyce after she was injured. photo by Hannah Kurtz

However, during the play that scored the goal, fellow player, Sydney Joyce, was badly injured and remained on the floor while the rest of the team celebrated. Senior Marlyn Campa, with the help of Lauren Majek, put Joyce on Campa’s back and piggy back her to the sidelines. If there ever was a display of a great team bond, that was it.

Mac soccer girls celebrate the win as they advance in playoffs. photo by Hannah Kurtz

The girls ended the game with a 1-0 win. The next stop in the playoffs, the regional Semi-Finals, will be in Brownsville on Friday, April 13th at 12 a.m. The team left to a send-off on Thursday, and the school administration announced that those who want to miss school to go support the girls at their game can get excused for the day – provided they provide a parent note and ticket stub on Monday. For those who won’t be attending, the City of Brownsville is providing a live broadcast via¬† starting at 11 a.m.

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